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Join us for Holiday Bazaar

Arrow Creative would like to invite you to sell your work with us for our Holiday Bazaar event. The annual Holiday Bazaar features local makers and creatives, and is a A 69-year-old tradition created by Memphis College of Art carried on by Arrow when the college closed in 2020.


This year’s 4th annual Holiday Bazaar powered by Arrow will feature makers of many mediums, including ceramics, fine art, fashion design, fiber arts, photography, woodworking and more. The gallery is filled to the brim with amazing pieces from local artists and makers.




All pieces left with Arrow will be sold through our retail marketplace. Artists who are not members receive a 60/40 split in favor of the artist. If you'd like to leave behind any pieces to sell, please fill out the form below. Our retail manager, Lauren, will get back to you to collect any business information. A staff member will be at Arrow on Sunday evening from 5pm - 7:30pm to receive any pieces you'd like to sell with us.

Be a part of this amazing show! 

Want to sell at Holiday Bazaar?

If you would like to leave art with Arrow for Holiday Bazaar, please fill out this form.


Drop off will be:

5pm to 7:30pm on Sunday, October 22 at 

Arrow Creative

653 Philadelphia St.

Memphis, TN 38104

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Thanks for selling with us!
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