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  Creative Community



Creative Community Education

Creative Community Ed. programing ranges multiple mediums to offer training  and hands on learning for artists and creative minds of all ages and experience. The community education program will also offer regional participants to travel into the Memphis area and participate in weekend long classes and workshops.


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Youth Workshops and Summer Camps

We will offer Summer camp starting June 2020 for students looking to heighten their arts learning experience. We will utilize the creative minds that teach at Arrow to mentor students.  Scholarships will be available.

Corporate Events and Team Building

Staff, business teams, or community groups can come to Arrow for an interactive art experience. Creativity workshops help groups unleash their creative spirit and open their minds to a new way of thinking, problem solving, and working within their businesses and organizations. Groups interested in hosting a separate meeting may rent space (if available) for an hourly fee before and/or after their workshop. email hello@arrowcreative.org for more information.

Private Lessons

For those looking for additional tutorials, Arrow will facilitate private lessons with artist and creatives to allow for custom one-on-one training.  email hello@arrowcreative.org for more information.

Positively Creative Series

By creating the Positively Creative Summit and Series Arrow will be helping small business makers and artist to grow their businesses.  Classes would combine craft and business education.  In depth workshops and speaker’s series would hit on topics such as advanced maker skills, content marketing, networking, budgeting & financial freedom, client experience, and workflow.

Workforce Development

Arrow will focus on teaching marketable skills to local Memphis residents in order to match workers' to needs in local industry, some specific pilot sectors would be fashion and interior design.  Arrow sees workforce development as a way to help Memphians compete for higher paying jobs.