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You’re invited
to support the future of the Memphis arts community. 
Arrow Creative is 95% to our construction goal and we need your help to close the gap.  


Phase II construction includes the placement

of Memphis College of Art equipment, new community spaces,

artist's coworking, and larger classrooms

for our mini makers

and adult art enthusiasts. 

Arrow’s New Home: Phase II

In February of 2021, in order to increase our capacity to serve creatives in Memphis, Arrow moved into a 23,000 square foot building from our concept shop of 1,800 sq ft on Broad Avenue.  Upon moving into the new space, Arrow completed Phase I to build out the marketplace with artists’ studios, a retail store, classroom space and 4 dedicated galleries to showcase local and regional artists.  

  • The marketplace was completed on budget and on time mid September of 2021.  

  • Arrow has rented all of the 15 studio spaces and 9 creative offices, bringing in a revenue of over $10,000 per month. 

  • The retail store, which opened mid-September, hosts over 80 local artists and in the first nine months brought in over $49,000 of revenue for Arrow and our artists. 

Completing Phase I of our project not only has increased our earned income streams, but has also enabled us to reach our goal of better supporting our creatives and engaging art enthusiasts. However, to truly achieve the community impact we planned for, making art accessible to all, we must complete Phase II of our project. 

ARROW_Exterior Elevation-v3.jpg

Phase II Supports the Creative Entrepreneur

The completion of Phase II will enable Arrow to fulfill its vision, including building out craft work labs with equipment and tools, career development programs for working artists, youth residencies, educational programming with scholarships offered, as well as affordable studios that also serve as galleries.

Arrow is a creative’s dream. A space filled with life, creativity and passion. The options for personal and communal growth are endless.

Arrow is a concept seen in many cities, brought to Memphis in response to a need that we’ve seen over and over again in the many creative spheres of Memphis. There are successful organizations of a similar model throughout the US, but Memphis is lacking this experiential creative space. Our goal is to give the overarching community of Memphis a unified, diverse, welcoming creative hub.

Phase II.png

Our Funding

Arrow projects that the Phase II budget will come to $320,000. The additional costs of this renovation will include adding additional studio space, venue rental accommodations, IT needs, ventilation and electrical accommodations for equipment and renovations to create conducive spaces for each department of equipment, including, ceramics and sculpture, fashion design/sewing studio, printmaking/letterpress, photography lab and more.

Phase II costs are budgeted at $320,000. To date, we have raised $239,000. With support from an outstanding foundation application/ask of $50,000 and individual donors in Memphis, we are confident we can raise the remaining $81,000 by the end of the year.

How You Can Help

Arrow is now at an exciting juncture: we’re poised to lead a movement of local creatives to become self-sustaining and empowered and navigate the city into a stronger creative future.

Our goal is to have a core group of founding donors that will give Arrow Creative a stable financial base and give us long term creative arts in Memphis. Join us as investors in Arrow’s strategic future: we have driven leadership and a space that will allow us to chart new directions, enrich our children, families, artists, visitors – and ultimately benefit the entire community.

We invite you to join us to help point our local creative to a sustained future of financial success, community and support. Each recognition opportunity listed runs for a two year time period and can be paid out over those two years.

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