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November 17th

First Dibs Party

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November 26th

Small Business Saturday

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December 16th-18th

Marketplace in Motion

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Arrow Creative is honored to carry on a 69-year-old tradition, the annual Holiday Bazaar featuring local makers and creatives. The popular event was once run by the Memphis College of Art, which closed May of 2020.


Arrow mini maker instructor, artist Terri Scott put it perfectly when she spoke about the former MCA event, "The excitement is contagious. With a cup of wine in hand, you weave through the crowd. You have a mental note of which tables you want to visit first. A table of carefully crafted food jewelry beckons you forward, and you can’t resist gazing upon the colorful paintings and sculptures inspired by sea life. There’s the familiar table of expertly crafted wooden cutting boards and spoons. Adorable plushies wink at you from a pastel-infused table. Ceramic mugs call out to you, asking to be held. As one painting is removed from the wall, another takes its place. Everyone is lively, carrying their treasures to check-out, and feeling a little drunk on wine and holiday cheer."


This year’s Holiday Bazaar will feature Arrow's makers of many mediums, including ceramics, fine art, fashion design, fiber arts, photography, woodworking and more. The gallery is filled to the brim with amazing pieces from local artists and makers. We look forward to welcoming you into our new home in Midtown Memphis.

Read more of Terri's "A Love Letter to the Holiday Bazaar" on Arrow's blog page

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