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Arrow Creative a new home for Memphis Artist; Community Classes for all

We recently had a grand opening here at Arrow! It was an exciting time for all of us; dreams are currently turning into reality. It has been a long journey, but we are so excited about the places that we have been, and the growth we have seen. A lot of people still ask, what is Arrow? Why Arrow? So after the grand opening, we decided to interview the two women who started it all; Co-Founders Abby Phillips and Dorothy Collier! Before we start, let me give you a quick refresher of what Arrow Creative is. Arrow works with entrepreneurs and communities to provide accessible art-making opportunities. Our concept unifies art and business, the creative entrepreneur and consumers. More than a building, program or studio space, Arrow is a one-roof creative district in the heart of Memphis including:

  • Studio Spaces with walkable foot traffic,

  • Creative Community Education,

  • Memberships and shared resources, and

  • Micro Retail and gathering spaces

Arrow seeks to make art more accessible in order to inspire the creative spirit in all Memphians. We strive to be a premier source of creative entrepreneur enrichment, arts education, and art immersion for the entire community. We're giving artists of various mediums a place to call home. Also, a place to interact, learn, grow and share with other creatives.

Abby Phillips:

How do you feel now after the remodel and grand re-opening of Arrow on Philadelphia? Seeing our dream become a reality has been amazing. The process was a lot of work and took a lot of the local artists believing in us, but we knew the Memphis community needed this space. Showcasing the space to those we’ve been talking to over the past 3 years, and seeing the concept finally click, has been invigorating in our continued endeavors.

Was this what you envisioned? The space turned out to be so much more than what we envisioned. Natalie Lieberman with Collect and Curate created a space that felt not only inspirational, but also completely functional. Paradigm Creative produced brand awareness throughout the space that brought a new level of professionalism as well.

What is coming up for Arrow? We’re excited to continue our adult creative classes with Muddy Fridays, paint nights, sewing classes and more. We’re also adding youth creative classes such as one of our summer camp favorites, digital illustration. We currently have four gallery shows up through November when we will start hanging for Holiday Bazaar 2021. We have already started taking submissions for that event online. Submit your art here.

What are you most looking forward to doing in the new space? We can’t wait for the space to inspire a new love of local creatives.

What is Arrow? Arrow is Memphis’ Creative Central where hobbiest, art lovers, and professionals can meet in an interactive space. Did you see yourself growing this big when you were on Broad Ave? When I started Memphis Fashion Week in 2012 I had no idea it would grow into Arrow Creative. I’m so thrilled that after the closing of Memphis college of Arts, that we can still bring the love of art to the community in an even more accessible and organic way.

Dorothy Collier:

How do you feel now after the re-model and grand re-opening of Arrow on Philadelphia? I am super ecstatic about the re-model and the chance to be surrounded by fellow artist. So much so, I moved into a smaller studio space to be amongst my creative peers.

Whats coming up at Arrow? We have the Holiday Bazaar coming up at Arrow, one of my favorite events that we’ve carried on from Memphis College of Art. Its a great event to spruce up your home for the holidays!

How are you guys fostering a unique creative community? Since bringing Rising Tide Society to Memphis, I have seen that the Memphis artists and makers community is strong and supportive. We look forward to being able to continue those meetings in our new space that fosters creativity and community support.

How is Arrow living up to your expectations? The other day it really hit me when we gave a tour to the young ladies from Hutchison who are interested in careers in the arts! It’s literally a dream to have an opportunity to show a young Dorothy Collier that careers in art are obtainable and sustainable!

How can interested people get involved? There are many ways to get involved at Arrow, both as a working artist or as an art enthusiast. You could become a member and use our creative co-working spaces, or take a class from our professional artists in painting, ceramics, fashion design and more!

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