Arrow Creative celebrates alongside its artists & makers of color this Black History Month!!!

Updated: Feb 7

Our philosophy here at Arrow Creative is, creativity is for everyone! Whether you’re a maker or art enthusiasts, art has the ability to transform, inspire and bring together. In honor of Black History Month and the beauty of a diverse maker community, Arrow Creative wanted to take a moment to honor, celebrate, and spotlight the creative community members of color. These artists give light to the importance of a diverse community where all populations see themselves represented.

"As a Black artist/creative in the city with the largest Black population in TN, I’m fortunate enough to pretty easily get my art in front of people who look like me. Placement in Arrow gives me the opportunity to put my brand in front of a demographic who may have never seen it otherwise.”

- Joy Hardaway, Memphis Greetings Creator It is artists like Antonio Jones of Rough Feathers clothing (pictured below), from Memphis, born and raised, encouraging his community through his clothing brand. He finds time to give back at every turn. Antonio consistently signs off on his instagram with, “Just a kid from South Memphis…Creating growth and moving culture.”

Jones joined the Arrow Creative community this past November. Anytime you stop by Arrow Creative and see Antonio Jones - you are in for a warm experience. Antonio has been working on his craft for more than a decade, but attributes his official start to the year 2012. The discussion of finding a voice began with seeing his older brother succeed as the first of his family to go to college, and being inspired by him as an artist and a crusader in creative determination. Antonio found a fire within this inspiration, but began asking questions like, “how do I make this art a career?” The answer came within his education. High school offered colored-pencil-getaways, then college and graphic design offered even more media and resources. Antonio believes consistency with supportive communities and fostering good relationships is essential to growing your brand and amplifying your creative voice. “Art gave me the ability to just really be myself and show that to others.” He says, “In general, everyone has something that becomes almost meditative. For some who have a craft, they get ‘into the zone’.” The Art Zone is that meditative place for Antonio when everything/everyone falls away and all that is left is you and your art. Antonio seems to have made his home in this place. You can find Antonio selling his designs in his beautifully curated studio at Arrow Creative or access his website at