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Arrow Creative Summer Camps back in action!

“Art has the role in education of helping children become like themselves instead of more like everyone else." - Sydney Gurewitz Clemens

Allowing children to explore their creative gifts and interest is important especially in the summers when they get a break from school. The arts have always been avenues to ignite a spark in some of the worlds greatest minds. A lot of people hear us talking about Arrow Creative Summer Camps or maybe not? However, I think this is a great opportunity to give you the inside scoop on all things Summer Camp 2021.

Arrow Creative started the summer camp program in Summer of 2020. When Memphis College of Art announced their closing in 2017, Arrow knew there would be a void in the community for a program that spanned over 70 years. Arrow was one of a handful of organizations to be gifted the MCA’s community education programs, which included summer camp. It was a no brainer that we needed to carry on the program and push it forward.

We are embarking on our second year of summer camp. With our first year being reduced due to COVID restrictions, Arrow is excited to launch the full summer camp season implementing all that we learned last year. This year we have a full lineup of amazing classes including clay, printmaking, digital illustration, animation, drawing & painting, and so much more.

When Memphis College of Art closed, Arrow procured ten departments of studio equipment. It was partially based on the equipment purchased that Arrow began to plan for summer camp. Arrow also looked to the community to help guide what classes are needed. This year, animation has been a big hit and is filling quickly! We look forward to continuing that class into the school year for students that are interested in continuing their education in digital arts.

We at Arrow are super excited to have all of the worlds future designers, painters, artist, and creatives under our roof this summer. We are offering classes from ages 5-17 because this group is often left out with the arts during the summer.

Arrow summer camps are filling fast. Send your mini makers to a place you know they will learn and grow in a creative environment. Arrow teachers are all professional working artists with a passion for teaching the next generation of creatives. Let your littles get their hands messy and create a masterpiece!

Join Arrow Creative this summer as we inspire the creative youth of Memphis through hands on learning and creative experimentation. Arrow will continue the legacy of Memphis College of Art’s Youth Summer Camp by collaborating with past MCA teachers and other local professional artists and educators. Arrow will host approximately 48 sessions over an eight week period, ranging from drawing and painting to ceramics to digital design.

This summer we plan to make a difference in your child's life by ensuring that students have structure and flexibility, Arrow will encourage students to work with one another, encourage one another, and grow in their understanding of their artistic endeavors. Register at

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