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Brand Consistency

Lexie Danford

Brand Strategist & Account Executive

Edited from a previous post written for Paradigm Marketing & Creative: 


It has been a wild year for everyone, but especially for solo-entrepreneurs and those building their own brands! How can you make your brand stand out amidst all the noise? What does brand strategy have to do with weathering the weirdest season of creative entrepreneurship yet? 

I have one, very boring but very important word for you friends - in an ever changing world, build your brand on consistency. 

In this over-information age, what your customers want is (1) to know what to expect, (2) to experience less friction, and (3) to easily find a solution to their problems. 

We’re perpetually confounded by “analysis paralysis” with more noise being added every day.  That is where brand consistency comes in. Brand consistency shows your customers that you “walk the walk, not just talk the talk.” So much more than just a logo or a set of Pantone colors, your brand communicating consistently helps showcase who you are and what your values are. 

So how do you connect with customers in those three key areas?


  1. Know What to Expect 

It is super important at this point that you give your customers clarity on what they are getting with you. If you are selling a product, make sure it is shown in context and good lighting so they know what it really looks like. And, make sure your results are as consistent as possible too - don’t photograph your best version and then send them a sub-par one. If you are selling a service, be clear with them on what they can expect with you - including things like how quickly you can get it done, what their deliverables include, and what your expectations are (even regarding masks, distancing, etc). Let them know what your expected shipping times are, even if they might be a little longer than you would like. Have all that info listed clearly and reiterate it often. 

You can also set expectations for how to interact with you through consistency. Maybe you do an instagram live from your studio once a week for 30 minutes. Maybe you answer questions about anything they want to know on a specific day. Maybe you do a weekly 5 minute vocabulary lesson or materials demo. Whatever you choose to do, do so consistently, and you will see your following and interactions grow. 

  1. Reduce Friction 

Friction is used here as shorthand for anything that makes your customer journey more difficult. For example, if you say “Link in bio” in a post about a product, but that link actually goes somewhere else, that is a point of friction. Or if you say “DM me for more info!” but then don’t respond to that DM for 17 hours, that is another point of friction. Essentially, if you say you are going to do something, make sure you do it. And in this especially digital age, make sure your website, social media presence, and social media pages all have as accurate of information as possible regarding your hours, times to contact you, website links, and ways to get in touch. This is a great time to use FAQs as content as well! 

  1. Easily Find a Solution to Their Problems 

Though a bit harsh, I often ask people to ask themselves when trying to market a product or service, “Why should I (the customer) care?” How can you connect the dots for your customers between what you are selling, and what problem it solves for them? This might be a little easier to see in service-based businesses, but even in product-based businesses it is good to communicate.

For example, if you are selling pottery, instead of just saying “Pottery for sale, please buy it” think about saying something like “I know you are sick of your same old routine...How about spicing up your morning with a new beautiful, handmade mug? It is sure to help you start your day with a smile.” Tell the customer why your product or service is going to make their life better, and what makes it special. 

So whatever you are doing next, keep consistency in mind, and remember all great buildings are built one consistent brick at a time. 

Not sure where to start? Follow these businesses below for some inspiration! Got other examples you’d love to share? Let us know!

Some of our favorite local brands! Share with us some of yours ❤️

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