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Carrying on the Tradition: Holiday Bazaar!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year temperatures are cooler and winter traditions are commencing. And this year, arrow continues the tradition of the Holiday Bazaar. Holiday Bazaar is not new, it actually predates most of us reading this blog!! Memphis College of Art started the Holiday Bazaar in 1950 to showcase students, alumni and teachers. Since the first dibs party is approaching (Saturday, November 20th 6-8:30pm) we figured we take a moment to expound upon this amazing event. The first dibs party is the kick off to the month-long shopping event.

Arrow Creative is carrying on a 69-year-old tradition. The annual Holiday Bazaar featuring local makers and creatives is your chance to step away from major retailers for a unique one-of-a-kind shopping experience. The popular event was once run by the Memphis College of Art, which closed May of 2020. "MCA left behind big shoes to fill, but the creative, strong, courageous women of Arrow Creative never back down from a challenge." social media manager Chris Bell Davis said about the staff of Arrow Creative.

“It is so cool to be able to shop at Christmas shops and support your local community. Think about it, we all love Memphis so much. This gives us a chance to matriculate the dollar directly back into our local economy.” says Arrow retail manager and founder of Memphis Modern Market, Emily Dunn.

Arrow is proud to keep this tradition alive for local art enthusiasts as well as our creative entrepreneurs. In order to showcase our artists and makers, Arrow Creative changed the bazaar’s typical weekend event to a month-long endeavor complete with a ticketed First Dibs Party, private shopping experiences and creative classes throughout the month.

“We are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel after this whole COVID ordeal so we are expecting this to be our biggest year yet. It’s my first year getting to experience this event but my expectations are HIGH!” Retail Artist Meghean Warner says of the event.

The biggest question you’re probably asking is who all is going to be there?

Arrow Creative’s dedication to help locals find unique gifts and products curated by their local creative counterparts, the ambition to highlight Memphis talent of all ages will continue on.

“I don’t know about anyone else but I like to have things that everyone doesn’t have. Most of my coffee mugs are handmade, one of a kind pieces that tell a story of the artist who made them.” says Dunn.

Arrow works to ensure that we not only draw in the consumers but give creative entrepreneurs a platform to showcase their work to a large diverse demographic. This year’s Holiday Bazaar will feature Arrow's makers of many mediums, including ceramics, fine art, fashion design, fiber arts, photography, woodworking and more.

Arrow hopes to help everyone get into the holiday spirit, finding the perfect gift for your friends and family. This is only the beginning and we hope that our passion for local creatives will spill over into other towns, cities and states of your loved ones. We look forward to welcoming you into our new home in Midtown Memphis (located off central ave, across from central bbq). As always KEEP MEMPHIS CREATIVE!

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