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Creative to Creative: A Conversation with Jackie & Jailenn

Jackie Scott and Jailenn Scott met up to discuss careers, personal lives, and what makes Memphis so special!

Jackie: So Jailenn, I know that you went to University of Memphis, what did you study there?

Jailenn: I started out in the journalism program with a concentration in PR, then UofM made public relations its own major, so I had to switch over, but most of my education was in journalism. 2018 Summa Cum Laude with Honors.

A lot of my extracurricular classes were in politics around women’s rights and my last semester of college I started taking more creative classes in the ceramics department and fashion and merchandising department.

Jailenn: I know you are a ceramic artist, so tell me about your background and why you chose to focus on that medium?

Jackie: Funny enough, I really didn’t know what I wanted to study in college...I just knew that it was something I should do. I was working at Peters Valley Craft Center in New Jersey in their gallery for the summer and ultimately chose to study Studio Arts program at the Tyler School of Art so I could really immerse myself in the arts. I loved being in the studios 24/7 and ultimately made my way into the ceramics studio where the faculty was really supportive of my creativity. I also found a passion for American Arts, specifically painting, and minored in that as well. Immediately after graduating from Tyler, I accepted a job as the Studio Manager at Hood College in Frederick, Maryland where I earned my Masters in Ceramic Arts in 2018 where I really learned a ton about running an art department and managing these large studios.

Jailenn: So, what made you leave Maryland?

Jackie: My partner, Jake, and I were living on opposite coasts for a number of years and ultimately decided it was time to be in the same state. He accepted a job at The Peters Valley School of Craft in Layton, New Jersey and I decided to relocate to New Jersey to focus on my creative practice. It was an ideal situation for me, because my mom lived 10 miles away from us in Pennsylvania, and Jake and I lived on campus in a house that had a perfect little studio space for me. I worked during the week for a fitness company and spent the rest of my time in the studio making work.

Jailenn: Then how did we get so lucky to have you in Memphis?

Jackie: Jake heard about a job position at the Metal Museum here in Memphis and as a blacksmith that was an opportunity he could not turn down. So we packed up our cars, studios, and our little house and ended up here in Memphis!

Jackie: I know you too aren’t from Memphis. What brought you here?

Jailenn: I’m from Tennessee, but my junior year of high school I moved to Orlando, Florida due to my mom being relocated for work and ended up graduating from a high school there. I wanted to continue my education at UCF because a lot of my pals were going there.

My mom encouraged me to visit the University of Memphis when I got an offer from the school. I was completely against the idea because I was ready to be away from small cities and towns. Then I visited the campus and was blown away by the authenticity of the city and how soul and culture flow throughout the city. So I stayed, got my degree and ended up here at Arrow!

Jackie: Now, most people know that you are the Shop and Digital Media Manager for Arrow, but I know you wear a lot of hats. So what does your day-to-day look like?

Jailenn: I spend a lot of time refreshing the retail space. I often switch things up here and there so guests are able to see everything from each creative we have on consignment with us. I also spend a lot of time creating our digital content, from designing graphics to photographing to writing copy. Continuing with Digital content, I also generate our email blasts. Outside of that, I spend time helping out with Memphis Fashion Week, which as you know, is one of our biggest fundraising events.

Jackie: Speaking of Memphis Fashion are one of the most fashionable people I know. What’s your secret?

Jailenn: Thank you! I don’t know if there is a big secret, but I really enjoy giving old clothes a new life. I thrift a lot and steal a lot of my granddad's clothes, which he always gets a kick out of. I find myself drifting toward more masculine pieces and pairing them with feminine items I have in my closet. A lot of my style is influenced by my favorite movies and music.

Jailenn: With a small team of four, you too wear a lot of hats. As office manager and programs assistant what is your favorite aspect of your roles?

Jackie: With Arrow being so new, there is so much groundwork to lay in order to have robust programming to support our local creatives. Being new to Memphis, I have really enjoyed meeting new artists and building an exciting calendar of classes both in person and virtually over Zoom.

Jackie: Speaking of which, I can’t wait to explore more of Memphis when the city reopens. Right now, all I’ve seen is the River Park, Memphis College of Art, and had some great BBQ from Central BBQ. What are your favorite things to do in Memphis?

Jailenn: My favorite thing to do in Memphis is eat. There’s so much good food here and a lot of great local spots. Central BBQ is one of my favorite spots along with Evelyn and Olive, Chef Tam’s Underground Cafe. I also love Lingo Alchemy for their happy hour and South of Beale for their cauliflower wings.

Other than eat, I love going to art events in the city. The Collective is a great organization that showcases great gallery shows and events. The Brooks Museum and Marshall Arts are also two places that I love going to see new galleries.

About Jackie & Jailenn:

Jailenn Scott is a graduate from the University of Memphis with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations. During her time at the university, Jailenn worked for the university paper, The Daily Helmsman, wrote for Grrl Punch, interned for Paulette’s Closet as well as Meeman 901. She is now the Shop and Digital Media Manager for Arrow Creative.

Jacklyn Scott earned her Bachelor of Arts from the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia where she explored her many interests in printmaking, sculpture and ceramics. From 2014-2018 she worked at Hood College as the Studio Manager for the Art Department where she earned her M.A. in Ceramic Arts. Jacklyn is also the co-author of Making Good: An Inspirational Guide to Being an Artist Craftsman. She is the Office Manager and Programs Assistant for Arrow Creative and runs her small business Jacklyn Scott Studios.

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