Meet Elza McKenna of Rippey Street Quilts!

Updated: 4 days ago

Elza McKenna is one of Arrow Creative's newest quilting studio artists in Residence. Elza is a quilting artist currently based here in Memphis, TN. Elza’s quilts are modern and colorful. She finds a way to bring her personality to an art form practiced for centuries. I had the chance to sit down with Elza and learn a little more about her practice.

Tell us about yourself and what you love to do and how you got started on your art journey!

I grew up sewing in our basement on my mom’s old sewing machine. I have so many memories of putting the pedal to the metal on her old Singer and the thread getting so tangled and the fabric getting bunched. I figured it out somehow, though, and my love of sewing stayed with me. I started quilting after I had my first children (a set of twins) in 2012. It’s easy to fall in love with quilts. They represent so much of what we crave in the human experience: community, warmth, love, tenderness, comfort, solace, multigenerational connections, physical touch, and the list goes on.