Meet The Team

Arrow Creative is excited to introduce/reintroduce its amazing team. Arrow Creative makes art accessible to inspire the creative spirit in all Memphians. We are honored to be the premier source of creative entrepreneur enrichment, arts education, and art immersion for the entire community. Arrow's mission is propelled everyday by the people listed below. We know how fortunate we are to have such immense talent in our midst.

Without further ado: The DREAM TEAM!

Meet Sophia - Programs Manager

Sophia Pieh is a Midtown native and a graduate of University of North Texas. A former educator of 14 years, Sophia is excited to work with the Arrow Creative community as the new Programs Manager. Sophia is full of life and love; she somehow finds time to foster dogs and loves traveling. She is really looking forward to growing in this role. Sophia expressed her excitement about her new role at Arrow, “I know I have big shoes to fill taking over the programs manager position, however, I’m so excited and love a good challenge.” Sophia additionally owns an online vintage store, Fia Pia Vintage (, that specializes in women’s clothing and accessories. Sophia believes in creating safe and inclusive spaces for black women and has created an online community for black women gamers that currently has 3000+ members. Sophia’s expertise in fostering environments for creativity & community to flourish is just the icing on the cake. Arrow is ecstatic as well for what she will do to help continue to grow our art community and empower creatives.

Meet Ellen - Arrow Assistant and Summer Camp TA

Ellen Whelan is a Memphis native and an alumni of Birmingham-Southern College. After eight years living in Birmingham she decided to return to Memphis and the art community that helped raise her. Memphis College of Art summer camp nurtured her interest in art and her love for the Memphis art community flourished ever since. Outside of her position at Arrow Creative, Ellen enjoys a myriad of art media such as acrylic painting, charcoal drawing, and Intaglio printmaking. She enjoys cult movies, native gardening, and saying hello to every pet she sees. When a pep talk or different perspective is needed, Ellen is one of the smiling faces that will deliver.

Meet Sophie - Retail Manager