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Pamper yourself at September Nail Salon!

When did September Nail Salon open?

September Nail Salon opened in 2013, becoming the first boutique nail salon in the Memphis area. Our founder, Jennifer Purnell, worked in the corporate world for a number of years before becoming a small business owner. Several years before opening September Nail Salon, Jennifer was getting a pedicure and had the inspiration to do this herself…to open her own nail salon. It is now over 7 years since September Nail Salon opened!

What is unique about your SeptemberBODY and bath products?

Since day one, we’ve been committed to using natural products for all of the salon’s services. We soon realized the products available on the market were not of the standard we desired. In order to provide clients the highest quality products during services, we started to hand-craft natural bath and body products, creating SeptemberBODY. Clients loved being treated to these products during services and started asking to take these products home and shipping them to their friends around the country. We continue to hand-craft every SeptemberBODY product, including Body Butters, Body Butter Oils, Sugar Scrubs, Moisturizing Body Mists, Bath Bombs, Soaps, and more! We are so excited to have our products available at Arrow. We love being a part of this community!

What seasonal products are you working on? What are some of your favorite items you offer?

This holiday season we are making a few special Seasonal Scents! We have our warm, buttery Pumpkin Spice scent available now, and Merry Cranberry and Peppermint Stick are coming soon! We are also bringing back one of our previous scents, Honey Almond, just for the holidays!

We have one brand new item for this holiday season that we are excited about…Holiday Gift Boxes! These boxes will be filled with a variety of our SeptemberBODY products. Each lucky gift receiver will receive each product in a mini size so they can sample a variety of Scrubs, Soaps, Bath Bombs, Lip Butter, and more! We will have one option for those who love holiday scents and another featuring some of our signature scents!

You have such a special way with your customers, can you give our community some pointers on how to build that rapport?

We love our clients, and we work to build and maintain those relationships. Our loyal customers aren’t just there for the relaxing atmosphere, top-notch manicures and pedicures, and free drinks (although the free drinks help!). They keep coming back because they feel like they belong.

To build those connections, we work hard to treat our clients like family. Think about your fun aunt, sweet grandma, or favorite niece….would you let your aunt or other house guests wander in without greeting them? Would you let them leave without getting the door for them and thanking them for coming? We purposefully greet every client and get the door for them when they leave. It’s the little touches like those we feel make a difference. We train all our team members and continually work to improve in order to build and maintain that culture and our relationships with clients.

If another word of advice, especially for those in service industries- let your clients vent to you…but don’t vent to them. This is their time to relax and let go of their burdens.

You’ve worked with Memphis Fashion Week in the past, What do you love about the Memphis community?

We have enjoyed being a part of Memphis Fashion Week in the past! We love not just providing services for the models, but also being a part of such an amazing, thriving creative community. Memphis has such a rich cultural history, and we love getting to continue this tradition and add to it in new ways. It is wonderful to join together with other individuals and organizations that are excellent at what they do, to cultivate and nourish the artistic culture of our city. Coming together, we can create events and experiences that are more than any of us could dream of doing on our own. We look forward to more Memphis Fashion Weeks in the future, and more collaborative, inspiring events!

How do you see yourself paying it forward in the community?

We know how important it is to invest in our community. We do this in several ways, including partnering with the St. Jude Target house. Our team loves to volunteer time to visit the kids and their families and hosting parties there. During this COVID season we’ve had to put a pause on these events, but we have been able to provide meals for the families and will provide holiday happies for the children there. We do look forward to being able to visit in person again soon!

When it comes to growing a business, what advice can you give to others?

Go at the pace that the business drives growth. Growing too rapidly or slowly both can be at a detriment.

Know your books. Have a great CPA that will push, drive and challenge you. Would also recommend building a relationship with a local banker and recruiter.


SeptemberBODY products can be found in the Arrow Retail shop on Broad Avenue as well as at September Nail located at 2101 Merchants Row, Germantown, TN 38138.

Check out their website to book your appointment today!

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