Positively Creative Convo with Jeannine La Bate

Abby: Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Jeannine: I’m Jeannine La Bate and I am an emerging designer here in Memphis. I teach full time Fashion Design and Visual Arts. It’s been amazing to be a part of the growth of the Fashion community here in Memphis. I had the opportunity to launch and work with you, Abby, and write all of the curriculum for the Fashion Design Certificate program at the Memphis College of Art. That’s been really amazing because students have been so receptive to learning fashion fundamentals and just really getting in the same room with like-minded fashion enthusiasts. They make connections and build their skills. I enjoy working with all ages….especially kids because they take to the sewing machine and in time, they’ll grow in strength and skill. I definitely feel invested in helping them tackle those skills early on.

Abby: Yeah, kids have that lowered inhibition where you can really jus