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Nicki Sarra Halford is one of six talented resident artists at our concept shop in the Broad Avenue Arts District. Nicki joined Arrow in 2019 and has been an inspiring example of entrepreneurial spirit by spending countless hours in the studio creating, serving as a mentor to other artists, and growing her business through true Memphis grit.

Originally from Pennsylvania, she earned her Bachelors in Class Voice with a minor in Business from Geneva College in Pennsylvania and moved to Memphis to get her certification in Modern Music Ministry at Visible Music College. While she still performs music, she decided she wanted to expand creatively so she started making jewelry. And we’re so glad she did!

Nicki’s line of bohemian jewelry, “The Faint of Heart”, features sparkling raw crystals and irregularly cut gem-stones. She aims to embrace the beauty of “imperfections”. What started as a creative hobby has turned into Nicki’s full-time business. Her sparkling druzy rings and earrings as well as her mismatched gemstone earrings are the perfect piece to jazz up your Zoom Meeting outfits and feel your inner sparkle.

“Arrow has been a game-changer for my small business. Working for yourself can be so isolating. As a creative, I crave a community of like-minded people to collaborate with. Having a retail studio at Arrow has provided the most amazing community of creatives as well as my own private jewelry studio that doubles as a retail location, all under one roof."

While our Broad Avenue is closed for now due to COVID-19, Nicki has been keeping herself motivated by working from home and selling her work via Instagram Pop-Up sales and through the newly launched Arrow Creative online retail shop.

Stop by to meet Nicki, check out her studio, and learn more about her creative process in our concept shop at 2535 Broad Avenue!

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