Medical Student to Full-time Maker : How Brooke Ballard Came to Launch Janey Bee Jems

We caught up with Brooke Ballard, jewelry designer, fashionista, and well loved Memphis creative to chat about her journey from the medical field to becoming a creative entrepreneur.

Can you tell us a little bit about the moment you realized you wanted to be an artist?

Growing up I loved to be creative, but I was taught that it was just a realm of afterthought or a "hobby". I had passions, and I felt like I always knew where my heart lies, but every environmental factor for me pointed to a career in science. I was taught by my school and my parents that careers involving the medical field were the only option and that no matter what, I was to seek stability and income. I was an undergrad nursing student for nearly three years before I had my wake up call. Within the matter of a month, I had made a switch to fashion. I was suddenly transferring to the merchandising department, working full time as a children's retail manager and b