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Studio Spaces

Individual studios

All studios are currently full.  Applications are currently open to be added to the waitlist for the Arrow creative community.


Ranging in size from 150 - 300 square feet, creatives have the ability to secure a studio that works best for their individual needs. The studios are be required to be open to the general public when artists are present, at least 15 hours a week. Studios are encouraged to have a mini storefront or gallery wall to sell during studio hours.


Main working studios are equipped with large white walls and access to a sink and other amenities. Individual studios are 6 and 12 month lease agreements, with 24 hour access.  Studios will have access to common areas, break rooms, and membership benefits. Studio spaces range from $300-$325/month.


Creative Offices

Micro Offices are currently rented. To add your name to our waitlist for an office please apply.


This is ideal for photographers, filmmakers and graphic designers, and other creatives that don’t need a lot of square footage.  The creative offices range from $200-$325/month. 

Shared Equipment

Audio, Book Arts, Ceramics, Digital and Darkroom Photography, Fine Metals, Illustration, Textiles, Painting & Drawing, Papermaking, Printmaking, and Woodworking equipment will be available in our new home in 2021.


These spaces will be open and free to members . First come first serve sign up with an hourly fee for non-members.  Members will be provided with safety classes and machine tutorials prior to use.


Community Spaces

  • Community Rooms/Conference Rooms. This space(s) can be rented out for small and large meetings or workshops, ranging in size of 2 people to 50.  These spaces will be rented on a first come first serve basis.

  • Stop N Chats. There will be designated spaces throughout the building suited for small meetings or coffee shop like work areas.  Spaces will have lounge like seating, accessible plugs, and a comfortable feel for guests and members.

  • Galleries. There will be multiple galleries throughout the building that will be curated by artist groups or Arrow staff. 

       Email hello@arrowcreative.org for more info or to schedule a tour